AntI-helmintics VI

23-26 September, 2024

Old Mill Inn, Toronto/U. Toronto


Biannual meeting highlighting global research for the detection, treatment, control, and eradication of helminth parasitic diseases.

Details, registration, and abstract submission to follow.  For more information:
Dr. Richard J. Martin, Iowa State University Dr. Peter Roy, U. Toronto, local organizer
Dr. Raffi V. Aroian, UMASS Chan Medical School Dr. Jonathan Marchant, Medical College of Wisconsin


Advisory Committee:
Dr. Stephen Doyle,  Wellcome Sanger Institute
Dr. Lindy Holden-Dye,  University of Southampton
Dr. Jenny Keiser, Swiss TPH
Dr. Roz Laing, University of Glasgow
Dr. P’ng Loke, National Institutes of Allergy and  Infectious Diseases
Dr. Angela Mousley, Queen's University Belfast
Dr. Sabine Specht, DNDi